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April 18, 2013


Man caught paying prostitute for sex - with a BIG MAC

(Thanks to DaninTustin)


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What would she have done for a steak dinner? Let's see, if you'd prostitute yourself for a burger, would you **** a **** for a hot dog? Would you ***** your **** for a bag of fries? Inquiring minds want to know.

If she was obese and had a yeast infection he could have had her for a whopper with cheese.

Must be hard times for those hookers....

I saw a similar story where a man was the prostitute,
saying he'd so anything for french fries....hmmmm...

"Oh I would do anything for fries..."?

Hold the pickle, lady.

*insert Whopper joke here*

Of course in France they call this exchange a "Royale."

Have it your way

Happy Meal?

What do you get for a Shamrock Shake?

ubetcha, more like a Happy Ending Meal.

I wonder if "special orders" upset her.

You do not even want to be thinking about the "secret sauce" here.

Strong job by the commenters.

Okay, I guess the Sun also like HEADLINES that are SHOCKING with LARGE WORDS in CAPS

What's on the dollar menu?

I think I know what got him arrested. I'll bet she got mad because the burger was packing more meat than the john, so she wanted him arrested for fraud.

Two all beef patties, special sauce........ It writes itself. I am curious about the sesame seed bun.

♫ It takes two hands,
to handle a Whopper..." ♪

Snork snork Jeff and Whoa gross but Snork to Heywood too

Reminds me of the old chestnut
"I called my girlfriend a two bit ho and she hit me over the head with a sack of quarters"

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