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April 11, 2013


Teacher quits to become a pole dancer

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Sadly, it probably pays better, too.

She can always fall back on teaching but there is a limit on how long one can compete "at national level in the British Pole Superstars Championship." If they made Pole Dancing an Olympic sport there would be even more people watching the Olympics.

Good muscle toning. She does it quite well.

proving she, too, is better without her algeBra

- now she's a slide ruler ;)

Garrison Keillor had a very funny bit about this very thing happening in Lake Wobegone.

Philip, that's what I said when I sent it in.

Are we going to let the Brits outshine us in the crucial Pole Dancing Championships? If so this is not the America I used to know.

Come on, ladies. Let's pole dance for the USA.

Why not? The Olympics is eliminating wrestling in favor of more popular spectator "sports." Didn't the ancient games include pole vaulting?

DANG! I should have done that years ago! What was I thinking?

Too...many...phallic symbols....

Who says that a liberal arts degree is worthless?

I thought you had to be Polish...sorry, got nuthin.

No polka jokes!

And now, the Schmenge Brothers.

"This is it now. Until I can't get my leg over my head anymore."

Forgive me.

I am going to think back to a certain part-time teacher I had in 8th grade, and imagine her saying and doing this.


I am Polish - we don't do Pole dancing (and no polka either, it is a Czech dance).

I do not want to think about my grade school teachers doing this, because 50% of them were Catholic nuns. I'm sure there is a niche market out there for that sort of thing, though.

Padraig, I saw Pole Dancing Nuns open for Twisted Sister.

Oh yeah, Flukey, I forgot I have the poster from that concert!

The Schmenges are neither Polish nor Czech. They're Lutonian. Everybody knows that.

well someone has to say it...where the heck were these teachers when I was in school??? *sigh*

Not to be accused of being a purist, but I thought you were supposed to be less dressed when doing this?

Dud, you gotta use your 'magiNAtion!

That's why she really IS a great teacher.

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