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April 25, 2013


Arlington County Recognizes 19 Notable Trees

(Thanks to Ryan Young)


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Black Gum played at Wrigley's season opener in '72.

I hear a couple of them are up for Sainthood.

Wake me when it's time to applaud.

What about...

Exciting times next door in Arlington.

Kareem Abdul Jabar was omitted from the list?

Kareem Abdul Jabar was not recognized?

I only go to Arlington if I want to get tied up on Route 66.

What a tree-mendous honor..

Mikey, if I want to get tied up I stay at home and drop hints to my wife.

As to trees, I'd have to cite the Gumbo Limbo, not only cool looking but it has an awesome name.

Mikey, was that you I heard about on WTOP this afternoon?

No info about the arboreal geneaology? What are their roots?

Tree huxtuggers. Al Gore was on the list until he moved back to TN. John Kerry is still listed. It's spring, his sap should be rising soon.

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