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April 06, 2013


IKEA halts moose lasagne sales after pork traces found

(Thanks to RussellMc)


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I never heard of such a thing. This is BARBARIC!

Bullwinkle, lets get away from his place!

I suspect the reindeer (and squirrels, of course).

Beef that has horsemeat
Pig-tainted moosie
IKEA gourmets
Can't be too choosey...
Any dead animal's good for a fling...
Just don't assume it's your favorite thing...

I saw Moose Lasagna open for Air Supply.

Is moose kosher?

Did some checking. Moose is kosher if it is slaughtered correctly. Trapping a moose and getting that close is going to require a really tough butcher.

moose am kosher. but nobody wants it. there was a lot of it in the freezer but it went bad. bad moose is dangerous.
i shot a moose.....

The Swedish meatballs aren't made from real Swedes either.

Who runs Ikea, Fearless Leader?

Maybe it's just me but I don't usually go to Ikea to eat.

With IKEA instructions, how could anyone assemble Moose lasagne to the point of actually eating it?

First of all, which meaning of "moose" are we dealing with, here? My understanding, from a friend who is a big deal in the Elkhound Rescue Association, is that when we Norteamericanos say "elk," the Scandihoovians say "moose." I don't know if the reverse applies, but it does call into question the credibility of this whole sordid episode.

Also, it tripled my respect for Elkhounds, given that they're not all that big.

NMUA: for a second there I thought you were talking about tapping a moose (NTTAWWT).

Moose is suppose to be good eating. I have never had any before but I like lasagne so I am sure it is good.

i guess someone needs to 'splain to me why anyone wants to buy food at ikea. i thought it was for bookcases.

I bought a television cabinet from Ikea.

I sat down on the floor to assemble it.

6 hours later, I was finished.

I suspect that either the moose burgers are spiked with Valium, or my copy of Swedish-for-home-construction-projects isn't very good.

Bork, bork, Bjork?

The lasagna kit had a few extra parts.

PirateBoy: we bought a computer desk from IKEA and ultimately I had to pay someone to put it together. It was just not worth the six hours.

Jeff, that's what the 'As-Is' section is for. Haven't been to IKEA in a long while, however the last time we did venture in that direction we were somewhat perplexed at the number of parking spots up front that were reserved for pregnant women (as opposed to pregnant men? NTTAWWT), families with small children, and eco-friendly cars (oxymoron if there ever was one). The last time I checked, pregnancy is not a disease, nor is it an excuse for not getting appropriate exercise, the majority of children can put one front in front of the other, and don't get me started on the eco-friendly car thing. What's more, do caregivers really need strollers that in many instances are bigger than some of the cars I've owned? Did I mention the Stones have added a second Toronto gig?

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