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April 12, 2013


Target To Rename 'Orina' Shoe After Learning It Means 'Urine' In Spanish

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Where I live I'm pretty sure STOP or maybe it's YIELD means Mierda. Who knows?

Well, that stinks.

but do they come in Manatee Grey ?

There's a whole scene in Shakespeare's Henry V where the French women say all kinds of dirty words in French like le gown and le foot while they are trying to learn anglais.

oneblankspace - you mean like 'wee wee' ?

Didn't Chevrolet make a similar goof when they made the Chevy Nova? I think Nova meant something like "no-go" in Spanish.

Change it to something that means " kick me " in Latin.

[ponders a "hoodie" == "target" joke but decides against it.]

yes. that's it... it means 'doesnt go' in espanol.

'Nothing sucks like Electrolux', actual slogan used in Sweden.

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