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April 24, 2013


Nasa Mars Rover Accidentally Draws Penis On Red Planet

(Thanks to Ralph)


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That was no accident

poker, can you gift me here? I forgot how to do that "linkie" thing... I know there's an "a href" thing, but forget the rest... 'preciete the rest!!!

So NASA's running a package delivery service now?

At least it didn't draw a penis on Uranus.

The really hard part was getting it to write "Kilroy was here"...

Bathroom (wall) humor...those nerds at NASA!!!

An angry Marvin the Martian is looking for his X36 Explosive Space Modulator even as we speak.

"I'll teach those bratty neighbor kids a thing or two about grafitti...!"

"Houston, we have a penis ..."


[a href="http://www.wherever.com"]text that will turn blue for the link[/a]

Replace the square brackets with greater than and less than signs.

Well, they do say that men come from Mars.......

Just Some Guy, I do thank you kindly!

It's MUCH bigger than Justin Bieber's, according to Selena Gomez.

Is there a principal's office on Mars...?

What a whack job!

Mars has a zero tolerance policy for graffiti. Everyone at NASA is suspended.

*snork* @ Clankie & Omniskeptic

One small step for man, one giant step for 12 year olds..


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