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April 25, 2013



This has been the Tampa Retail Report.

(Thanks to ubetcha)


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You put your Dick's way in,
You take your Saks right out,
You put your Dick's right in,
And you shake them all about...

I apologize.

*high fives Punkin*

Let's hope that the writer who did that is not 25.
It would be a shame to peak that early in life.

High ten's punkin!!! and SNORK!

How come my comments are disappearing?

well, the new york post could run that headline daily.

and yeah, i noticed yesterday that a post of mine disappeared. computer glitchie?

Yikes! Maybe we don't deserve a Saks! Maybe we're -- gasp -- lower middle-class! Aieeee!

If your sak's in you're doing it wrong.

Yay! Punkin's back!

Hopefully this won't be their new sign.

Ouch.....good one cindy

Just as nature intended.

Punkin: You could call that little diddy "The Hokey Poke Me"

Most people don't feel the need to announce it....but, whatever floateth thy boat....

How much did that headline writer enjoy this? Excellent work!

So? Don't they all sack out afterwards?

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