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April 03, 2013


Duck Genitalia Researcher Defends Her Work

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)


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I had her for biology. There was something wrong with disecting that funny looking 'thing' she called a frog.

$385,000 for duck genitalia research?
Put it on her bill

It's not all it's quacked up to be....

Calling Dr. Mallard! Calling Dr. Mallard!

Your Bill is Ready.

So we finally know what is considered wasteful in the stupid grant department—poultry!

Now we know what made Daffy daffy and Donald mad.

I saw Duck Genitalia open for Pussy Riot.

Well I saw Duck Genitalia open for Federal Duck.

Do ducks really need new innovations when it comes to their genitalia?

I've read that male mallards will mate with anything that will let it. Horny little things.

Much like Kardashians, then.

Note to Kei$ha. No car, but flies privately.

On the fourth of July, does she get to play with firequackers?

I read someplace that she had to relocate her office to a better neighborhood. There were too many quackheads in the old one.

Jeopardy answer: Duck genitalia

Jeopardy question: What warning is frequently shouted during nudist volleyball games?

I don't understand but I'm laughing at Betsy.....

Betsy, that's a fowl joke....

People raise ducks for food. Duck sex is thus an industry.

The government funded study I'd like to see is a cost analysis of responding to complaints about the cost of government funded studies that the complainant doesn't understand.

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