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April 01, 2013


Informercial GIFs.

(Thanks to jon harris)


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I liked the one with the existential question: is nothing safe?

It's safer than something, but what?

they missed my favorite - the guy that stabs himself in the brain with a q-tip.

Eat hotdogs like corn on the cob.

These people need that bubble wrap suit of armor. But wait act now, pay separate shipping and we'll double our offer.

That was my first thought--who eats hot dogs from the *middle*?...

Was the guy COMPLAINING that his dinner companion was showing some cleavage? I mean, it was just National Cleavage Day...

Several of these people need to stop using their explosive Fibber McGee kitchen cabinets...

How do they keep these actors alive between commercial shoots? I can see them hurrying to get to a gig, running through heavy traffic eating a big slice of pizza with sunglasses falling off their faces while shoving forks up their noses.

No wonder we're all taking Prozac and Valium. It's the constant state of atavistic fight-or-flight alertness that we have to maintain in this world of saber-toothed tigers and threatening cleavage.

One man's trash is another's Informercial gif...

mud, that's my favorite, too.

Apparently one must squeeze the fillings out of a taco.

All of you watched those?!?! I scrolled through it pretty quickly and I still got a headache.

Thanks Obama!

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