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April 19, 2013


Lingerie for Men.


(Thanks to Lani)


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Weeeee - pillow fight! No way will I click on the link.

"Let's get ready to rumble! Don't bother to shake hands and come out fighting. Just get rid of that outfit before she seriously hurts you."

I hope her pillow has hammers in it.

I totally agree with HogsAteMySister. Big hammers. If a guy has nicer lingerie than I do his chances or scoring with are below zero. WVplantman, you really should look at the men's bra section. NTTAWWT.

The look on her face is more interesting than the Mona Lisa's.

No. Oh, Hell no. No f#cking way.

i always thought 'lingerie' for men was a ratty t-shirt and nasty old boxers. stick with the tried and true, gents.

Note to self: Never click on the link.

Oh, There's Everything Wrong With That.

Now, what was that fad I read about last week? Probably here, of all places. Men were supposed to be flocking to some makeup or underwear or man purse, or something like that.
I keep reading about how this stuff is transforming men but nobody has changed.
I did see a group of young men carrying clutch purses in Fort Myers about 20 years ago but they were speaking Italian, so that didn't count.

Guy: "Hey! My eyes are up here!"

It's creeping wussifcation. It started with athletic shoes (be honest - how many do you own?) And this is just the next step.

Update: I just showed the picture to my wife.
Who said the thought she's laugh at me if I wore that.
Not that this is anything new.

I hereby make the motion that we all chip in and buy Dave his holiday gifts 8 months early.

But if it doesn't fit, I'm not going to be the one to exchange it!

Putting the cute girl there is NOT going to trick me into thinking this is going to increase my chances.

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