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April 01, 2013


8:37 p.m. A resident on First Avenue East reported that his septic tank was about to overflow.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Anybody who has ever watched that toilet fill higher and ever higher towards disaster will empathize with that guy.
On a related note: don't EVER let small children have access to Q-tips in a bathroom.

I saw Wayward Arrows open for the Cowsills

Overheard over the wire, the police have their own problems with their own septic tanks.

Does Barry Manilow live in Flathead Co.?

I shot an errant arrow into the air,
It fell to earth ... Duh. Where else was it gonna fall? Mars?

Reference small children and Q-tips in a bathroom, leaving a shaving brush within reach is even worse, especially during a family reunion.

I shot an arrow into the air.
It landed on a trail named Bear.
I'm going to visit Flathead County someday.

On my bucket list too cindy.
BTW, what's a 'slash pile'? If I'm not gonna like the answer, then I'm perfectly content being none the wiser.

How can you call yourself a good neighbor if you don't invite everyone over to enjoy the show ?

Jan, it's (for a change) nothing nasty. A slash pile is brush and tree trimmings set to dry out and be burnt.

I just slim-jimmed a septic tank yesterday. I put up with enough crap online; I don't need it IRL.

In Flathead, that's a big stinkin' deal. They call it a greengrass concert.

Fortunately the paramedics in Flathead County routinely carry large boxes of baking soda.*

*Life long city folks will NOT get that joke.

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