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April 04, 2013


Johnson posted on Twitter on Wednesday that North Korea should bomb Foxboro, Massachusetts, home of the AFC East rival New England Patriots, if they decide to go to war.


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Such team spirit! Just like "sports legend" Aaron Burr!

In spite of all of his faults and in the best interest of the country, Kim Jung Un will not stop until no stone is left unturned and Dennis Rodman is found and destroyed.

I looked at the comments. Are all sports fans that racist?

Sure they are. You know how them sporties are. Got smaller cranial capacity or something. Don't get me wrong ('nuther beer here, Eddie) some a my best frens are golf 'nthoosiasts. But wouldja want one to marry yer sister?

Shhhhh... I've been trying to convince Kim Jong Un that the Minnesota Vikings' stadium is really a nuclear missile silo.

Hey, it COULD be.

Huge, it may have more to do with Philly than with sports fans in general.

I'm with Padraig. Something just ain't right about that stadium. I think it is mocking Kim Jong Un.


I wouldn't say sports fans are exceptionally racist, but readers' comments on sports stories, and especially at sports websites like ESPN or Fox Sports are a particular kind of stupid. It's so consistent that I am no longer shocked by anything I read there. I agree with Home4good, too: Philly sports fans are the worst, by far.

For true "weapons-grade" stupid, however, nothing tops the YouTube commentariat. Seriously, they make me weep for the future of Western Civilization.

sports fanaticism engenders you know, jingoistic attitudes, leading to potential racist and similar comment. if you LOVE your team, you have to HATE opponents and those who play for them, including all of their foibles and such. kinda too bad. i do hate the redsox adn the yankeees, but, i woulndt wanna kill em. maybe they could all have bad colds during the playoffs. that's as far as i would go.

I blame the Visigoths.

I was just thinking it must be really painful to be a racist AND a sports fan, since most of the best players are black. It's masochistic.


...should they take the Blue Jays and Raptors with them, Jan?

No Visigoths allowed.

Padraig. Yup.

Somehow I recall some scenes in a book I once read called "Big Trouble" (author unknown) and the hitmen listening to sports talk radio. Even they were disgusted.

@WV - You got that right.

Pro athletes? A coach once said, "Big boy bodies, little boy minds."

queensbee, I saw a guy the other day wearing a t-shirt that made me laugh. It said, "Hey Red Sox fans, there never was a curse - your team just sucked"

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