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April 04, 2013


Newly Discovered Giant Spider is of the Nightmare-Inducing Variety

(Thanks to jon harris and Jeff Meyerson)

Update: Another version, with scary photo, here.

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger)


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Does 20 cm sound better than 8 inches?

That would pull the waterspout off the wall.

The "Ten creative ways to use frozen peas" story was much scarier.
I hate peas.
And carrots.

Oh HELL to the no! Why did I even look at that?

And *snork* at Loudmouth.

Dominic Monaghan is on the way...

Yet another country to scratch off my prospective visit list

*thinking back to those happy carefree days when all I had to worry about was war, famine, pestilence death*

Girls' jobs:
1-Baby intake and outflow
2-Correcting guys

Guy's jobs:

I was wondering who we could get to prove this tarantula is face-sized by modeling it, but somebody already mentioned Dominic Monaghan. He'd probably roll it over on its back and scratch its tummy, too. Hobbits is crazy.

Oh, come on, spiders? They're not all that venomous, they're squashable, they're small ... You can just flick 'em away with your finger ... 20 centimeters!?!? Good morning, sir or madam. Very nice set of eight legs you have there. Can I get you anything? A snake or a small bird?

As far as giant spiders go, it's kind of pretty. This thing on the other hand is much nastier looking.

Just short of a lobster. Anyone want some melted butter?

I once saw a wolf spider as big as a plate, sitting on a cypress knee in the middle of the river. It looked as if it was wondering how it was going to get to the bank, so we stayed away from it in case it jumped in the boat.

I'm not worried about it unless it has urticating hairs.

From Captain Spoilsport's link: "apart from its size, the H. maxima can be distinguished from other species of Heteropoda by genital characteristics: On males, the cymbium is much longer than usual, at least three times longer than the tegulum. The female is distinguished by a characteristically shaped epigyneal field with two anterior directed bands, and the course of their internal ducts."

I don't know much, but I know spider porn when I see it.

Living in California, I think I'm about as far away from Sri Lanka as I can get. But I'm going to check Google Earth just to be sure and move if I have to.

'Wild Things ...' is one of our fave shows. 'Specially loved the episode where he went into the bat cave looking for the honking big centipede.

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