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April 25, 2013


Virgin America flights allow mile-high flirting

Passengers can send drinks, texts to others

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins and jon harris)


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"Flirting?" Is that what they call it in England?

Virgin America - becoming increasingly misnamed.

So my flight to Boston next month is really on Jet Blue Balls? We need to catch up here in the colonies.

Former Congressman Weiner should never, ever be allowed to fly Virgin.

My wife and I were having dinner in an old, somewhat upscale restaurant here, and we noticed a friend of ours, the head of a local food rescue non-profit, having drinks with a date. So we called the server and sent them a roasted garlic.

Whatever. As long as they don't recline the seat in front of me to "flirt."

Do they have an option to refuse the drink that was sent and dump it in the face or lap of the person who sent it?

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