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April 09, 2013


...you'd better be ready.

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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Why do we ALWAYS have to go to British media to get these stories? What is the matter with OUR media? The morning news would be much improved with fewer recipes and cat-in-tree stories and more falcon-attack video.

Do falcon with a momma falcon. Just sayin'

These guys have it easy, with a nice flat roof to work on. I know biologists who do this hanging off a cliff or a tree on a rope, with much heavier birds slamming in to them; or in nesting colonies where the dive-bombers drop sh*tloads of guano on them. It's almost as bad as the paperwork required when you mess with these chicks.

Allow me to point out that there were NO - I repeat - NO squirrels involved in this attack.

Parental instinct. Don't knock it.
When my first-born was a baby, there were many nights when I would wake up checking on her crying in her crib.
Her crib that was about 40 feet away and up a flight of stairs from our bedroom.
My body was moving to check on her welfare while my mind was just waking up.
Good birds.

I want to start carrying around a wooden shield where I work. Totally cool.

We had a crane collapse and intervene in a meeting that was pretty uneventful until the window shattered. I left work that day with a hard hat.

"That's not funny," said security.
"I'm not kidding," I replied.

With only wooden shields and helmets to protect themselves... Maybe next time a suit of armor and a tank.

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