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April 25, 2013


    ...you better measure your mackerel.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Just for the record, if you're measuring your mackerel the minimum size 12 inches.

No point in getting out the tackle, then.

So during the trial the man's defense attorney asks the arresting officer, "for thbe record if you see the mackerel in question in this courtroom would you point to him."

Is that what they're calling it nowadays?

Manual mackerel measuring methods, or machine-manipulated?

I have to agree with Phillip... "Measuring your mackerel" sounds like a euphemism I don't think I want to know about... as a matter of fact, I KNOW I don't want to know about...

"Hey pally, I got your mackerel right here."

Well I haven't measured my mackeral lately, but I am proud to say I believe it is still over the legal limit

I am so fat I cannot even see my mackerel!

I thought size doesn't matter? Blog-ladies?

and so far, not even ONE "Holy Mackerel" has been mentioned... Just think of the odds...

You must measure the tallest tree in the forest, with ... a mackerel!

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