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April 12, 2013


A woman intentionally rammed her car into a man’s car while arguing over a parking spot in the Haight, but the victim was so focused on her low-cut dress that all he could describe to officers afterward were her breasts, San Francisco police said Thursday.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)

Be on the lookout, Crimestoppers.


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I'm sure that both breasts had Fla. driver's licenses..

My bumper is down here.

So, the police recognized her right away from the description, right?

This man is no falsie in the breast research field.


"Coathangers...I'd say they looked like coathangers."

Interesting, given the locale.

bwaahhhhhhhaaaaa. i guess that study is right.

I stopped reading before and immediately after "breasts".

Get the artist in here, stat! We need a sketch and
to send it out to all our officers in the field.

(Are we sure sobriety was involved?)

Men! A woman would have described her shoes, handbag, and clothing.

cindy, a woman would also have been able to describe both her hair colors (natural and current) and a list of all past plastic surgery procedures.

isn't this near Silicon Valley?

Reminds me of that episode of The Closer, in which Flynn and Provenza couldn't positively identify a woman from her photo until the woman's face was concealed.

No ligirl, but it is just above Twin Peaks.

( * Y * )

she fled the scene after the crash


her 'airbags deflated'

(. i .)

The perfect disguise.

snork at ligirl....

We're going to need a police line up.

Or a Cinderella test. Somebody run down to Victoria's Secret and get us a full range, stat!

Who will get credit for the bust?

Damn! Mine never even got me out of a speeding ticket!

And *snork* at PirateBoy!

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