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April 30, 2013


Goldilocks intruder broke into home to masturbate, play with toy helicopter

Key Wording: Vickery wasn't cooperative so the deputy escorted him to the ground, the report stated.

Guess the state.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Oh Goldilocks, you have changed so much since my childhood.

Vickery's attorney will allow Dateline to interview his client as soon as the toy helicopter part of the story has a proper team of toy/psychologists experts in place.

noticed an unlocked door

How exactly does one "notice" an unlocked door?

The salad was my favorite part, although the wig, the chewing tobacco and the green towel must have made things even more festive.

I was a jailhouse nurse for a few years. I've had to bandage prisoners that were "escorted" to the ground. They usually deserved it though. Heck I wanted to escort a couple of them right out a window.

I'm sitting on the patio of our St. Augustine home right now.
Looking for bears. If Goldilocks is around, well...

G'wan witcha! Ged outa here! Hey, you listenin' to me? I said beat it! NO, not like that! Where's my bolt cutters?

The first helicopter was toooooooo big!

I have friends who call that "foreplay."

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