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April 25, 2013


A SUPERMAN fanatic who spent £65,000 on collectibles of the action hero says his hobby has destroyed his marriage.

(Thanks to DaniunTustin)


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Judging by the wedding photo, how the heck did she not know what she was getting into?

But this means he's single, right? Bloggals?

ya think? sorry if the poor guy is whackadoo. cant help ya.

Great Ceasar's Ghost! Did Jimmy Olsen take those pictures?

Guess he turned out not to be such a super man......

I for one am shocked.

That guy looked a lot like Christopher Reeves. Sans the hunkiness.

I suppose baggy tights aren't that big a turn on.

Yeah, he shoulda gone with Star Wars. Chicks dig Star Wars.

"Who is she? If you dare tell me Lois Lane one more time...."

She probably didn't like living in his mom's basement either.

She told him to go up, up, and away.

Sooo many nutbars...soo little time and space to document them...

I agree, Elon. I can't say I feel sorry for her.

Maybe he is compensating for Bieber-sized equipment.

Threesomes never work out, do they? (Clark, Lois and the Super...)

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