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April 13, 2013


Berkemeier says a phone conversation from his hospital room revealed the source of his drugged feeling. Berkemeier’s daughter told the chief’s fiancée over the phone that the cake the police chief had eaten was laced with a high concentration of cannabis oil.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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an unknowingly doped chief of police?

sounds like a perfect role for * Jonathan Winters * -

his comic genius will live on forever <3

The last time I baked a cannabis oil laced cake and gave it to the police chief's daughter...well, I can dream can't I.

I said to use canola oil you idiot, not cannabis oil.

Would Steven Hawking go to Hocking in order to hock hockey?

Nah, I got nothing, but the colors are sure cool!

Kids, remember if it is labeled 'baking oil' it is probably for getting baked, not for use in baking food. Forget this, and you might wind up like a roommate of mine who made some brownies with "baking oil" and then spent 5 days in his room with the giggles.

Haw haw! I guess there really is a Chief Wiggum out there.

Bake him away, toys.

Max -- where does one buy "baking oil?" Inquiring minds need to know. I bring in baked goods to work often.

And *snork* at H_S_I.

ubetcha: DIY -- Boil cannabis, oil or butter, and water in a pressure cooker. The THC is fat-soluble. Strain, cool, and dump the water. Use for medicinal purposes only, of course.

Said the stoned police chief, "I'll have to bust you Alice B. Toklas."

Ubetcha, Ralph's got the right of it but I have 3 caveats about creating baking oil at home:

1. Do not boil, the cannibinoids can break down at higher temperatures and you can wind up with an oil which only gives you cotton mouth and the munchies. Low and slow is the trick.

2. It smells very strongly like pot, this can be a problem if you live in the suburbs - in the city not so much since the smell can only be isolated to about a 3 block radius and in the boonies no one is around to notice the smell but in the suburbs you might wind up with the police knocking on your door.

3. Use about half 'baking oil' and half normal oil/butter/margarine, using pure 'baking oil' tends to make for dry flat baked goods.

If you are a grower this a fine use for 'extraneous' plant material which is too low in THC quantity to be worth smoking, just put the stems and non-bud leaf into the oil pot. Be careful testing the strength of a new batch, you can wind up with some pretty powerful stuff on your hands.

Or so I have read, neither I not anyone of my acquaintance has ever used illegal drugs to the best of my knowledge.

This isn't funny! Suppose that instead of a Police Chief wandering into somebody's kitchen and gobbling up the hash porridge, it had been a bear! Or a heroic beaver? Too horrible to imagine.

Nobody told him that you're just supposed to nibble on a little piece, not Bogart the whole thing.

Sounds like they live in an Insane City.

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