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April 01, 2013


Now they're saying the Easter Bunny has to wear a helmet.


(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger and Jeff Meyerson)


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Who's got a basket of rocks this year?

This would never have happened in Florida, where they don't believe in helmets, visibility or safety.

Hats off (or is that heads off?) to you, Sunshine State!

"Helmet Ears" places one WAY down on the mate-preference list.

How did they get a picture of me when I was pulled over in South Carolina? Oh wait. That's in California. Never mind.

What is it about Easter? Just ran our daughter back to campus, and can honestly say I've never seen so many speed traps and folks pulled over. Now if you'll excuse me I have to pop my truck into the dealership 'cause driving back I blew a coupla speakers playing 'The Who Live at Leeds' a tad loudly.

He was a hare out of place on that motorcycle.

Hippity-hop, talk to the cop.

he is wearing a helmet.

Wait, the easter bunny has a roadster? When did this happen? And why not jet packs...woulda been a lot cooler.

Looks like Officer Whosits is going to get "raisins" in his basket.

Please, won't you play, another some bunny done somebody wrong song?

What about all the little brown bits he's leaving on the highway ? How is a helmet going to help that ?

Those aren't raisins, they're smart pills. (...taste like shit to me. See, you're getting smarter already). Back to the geezer bus.

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