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April 09, 2013


Weiner eye on mayor bid

(Thanks to funny man)


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Politically speaking, He has the 'morons' vote secured.

"Weiner eye" is just an unfortunate phrase.

"preparing for his re-entry into politics."


if only his 1st name was Oscar

cuz then he could be


Oscar Mayor Weiner

Is this another of those "euphenisms"?

An eye for an eye...is wrong. Specially if it
belongs to a weiner.

One-eyed Willie

He has the biggest political obstacle to overcome.
Not the scandal.
Getting caught.

Mayor Weiner too funny

Apparently there's a town in Tennessee with a (driving) position...

Who needs a Weiner when they've already had a Koch ?

It just shows you how inspiring (not) our other choices are this year.

In a world where having a sex scandal happens to so many folks in politics, maybe having a post-scandal mayor is the new trend.

His election slogan: You can't beat Weiner's meat.

Multiple...multiple penalty flags throw for horrific puns. And my lunch has splattered on my shirt.....

Japanese announcer in Japan:

Weiner erection may come soon...

The best part of the NYT article is that the reporter listened to our hero for 2 HOURS explaining why he put a picture of his own d*** in the internet.

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