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April 11, 2013


Women are 'better off without their bras' (say scientists who took FIFTEEN YEARS to inspect women's breasts)

(Thanks to Jan in Grimsby, Jeff Meyerson and Mark Schlesinger)


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We scientists like to THOROUGHLY examine our subjects before we publish...

I'm in the wrong line of work.

Was this study conduced without external support?

' - women could be better off without the underwear staple'

I, for one, never like staples in MY underwear

Allen, would you have been as thorough if you were studying the effect of jockstraps worn by men? I didn't think so.

a) Doing good science requires lots and lots of data.
2) Jockstraps are effective at keeping guys from sitting on their nuggets. Most women don't have to worry about sitting on their jahoobies.
c) The best science is done running in slow-motion on the beach.
4) Disregard c), I was typing outloud.
v) HuffPo's Side-Boob page is counting on your support.

First I've heard of a French scientist since Marie Currie.

Well at least we girls of the female gender don't spend most of our days rooting around our bras, and "adjusting" ourselves.

Well, if the stuff down there wasn't constantly moving on its own accord, there wouldn't be a need for the constant adjusting. (cues 'detachable penis' song)

They make a couple of good points.

I saw Southbound Busts open for The Allman Brothers.

Another stimulus recipient ?

Their research should be stripped down to essentials, carefully and slowly examined, and then tweaked over and over until a consensus is reached.

Sending them southward? Argentina? Tennessee? Antarctica?

I imagine that kind of work takes a lot of hands-on
experience. And fabric testing. And photos.

♫ She blinded me with science ...
ANd I can't find anything ♫

I never saw a scientist with such a big smile.

Ahma wanna see those results replicated before I approve the followup grant.

Missing a key data point. Does cup size matter?

My first read of the headline was "Women are better without their bras". Same difference.

TGIP!! Story definitely needs more pictures.

pffftttt...amateurs. I've beeen studying breasts for 40 years and I still haven't arrived at a satisfactory conclusion

And when he got home every night, after all this exhaustive research, he told his wife, "Oh, sweetie, I was just dealing with one boob after another, all day long!"

Officer: Sir, you wrecked because you seemed distracted. What happened?
Me: Well, there was a woman wearing a tee-shirt riding a motorcycle coming at me. And she ran over the rumble strip on the road and...

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