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March 20, 2013


Scotland may allow Jedi to perform marriage ceremonies

(Thanks to jon harris and Alkali Bill)


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I'm tired of this rampant favoritism of Jedi, Scotland isn't even considering allowing Sith the same rights. Sith are so discriminated against most won't admit to being Sith and pretend otherwise - Dick Cheney claims to be a Methodist.

(note: Cheney was chosen for his physical appearance and recognizability not to make a political statement, he looks like a Sith lord.)

"These are not the prenups you're looking for."

"OMG!" she screamed.

"The force is upon me!"

Hey, be careful, Jedi's....Homeland Security is
proposing mind rape laws...

Based on the '"infallible" logic that if it looks like
a duck, walks like a duck, it must be a terrorist..

There is no try. There is only consummate or not ...

This is a good idea unless he becomes a Jedi...

I hope the ceremony comes with an alien band to play the music.

Keep your light saber sheathed until after the ceremony, please.

What kind of tip do you give a Jedi preacher ? You probably wouldn't need any security at the reception if Ole Hithchin Yoda is attending.

SO, is this proof the Jedi mind meld exists?

star wars theme played on bagpipes?


Say, "I do, or I do not." There is no cold feet.

My next is going to be in the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Probably have to go to Italy for that.

There is an imbalance in the force caused by idiots.

Married, you are. Kiss the bride, you may

I am glad no one got beheaded by light sabers.

I'm a Druid, I take Arbor Day off and will marry in a forest.

Just figured out my retirement job. Ordination, here I come!

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