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March 05, 2013


Watch this lizard shoot a five-foot stream of blood from its eyeballs


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Well, I can watch this video or I can do today's crossword puzzle. Let's see, 5 across...

I think I'll let someone else be the first to click on the link in case it's another Manilow picture.

Actually, a Manilow picture would be worse than eyeball blood.

I can't believe I watched that. It would help ward off Mikey and nursecindy and the bikini wax truck, however.

Watch this lizard shoot a five-foot stream of blood from its eyeballs.

I had a customer do that once. His face turned red and he called me a mortar forker.

Me also-NO!!!

Wouldn't predators be meat-eaters and like blood ? What is the evolutionary principle behind this ? You don't hear of fish squirting blood at sharks.

Not only no, but HELL no!

I watched it. I'm not proud of it either.

And I'm with LeDud. The only predator I can think of that would be warded off by this is the female human. And I don't see them ever getting within 5 feet of a lizard in the first place.

I call BS ... it's not REAL blood, it's SCX ... Heinz, anyone?

"Eye of Newt, blood of lizard,
Cool it with a ... um, chicken gizzard."

Forsooth, Bacon, stuck I am again. Hast thou got anything?

Barbara Boxer, contemplating the death of a polar bear.

I thought it was a Newt watching Chris Christie be relevant.

That reminds me. My alimony payment is due.

Yep, LeDud, that would just be "lizard ketchup" for the coyote.

Or Bear Grylls.

Hmm. Oh BOY! If I can eat this animal, I'll get all that delicious, bloody meat!
Oh, noes! What's that?! Blood!
Oh, well, at least it's not another falling anvil.
(I'm not sure of the logic behind this but I can't come up with another scenario).

Meep! Meep!

My brother and I, played with these lizards while growing up in the White Mountains of Arizona. We called them horny toads. I never saw them squirt blood, even though we were aware that they could. They didn't scare away this girl.

Must be hell on tiny lizard contact lens.

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