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March 14, 2013


Calgary zookeeper fired after gorillas raid kitchen

(Thanks the The Perts)


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Meh, can't be worse than my wife's brothers.

The cook loses if he does not win.
The gorilla wins if he does not lose.

He's not responsible for what gorillas did! And... he probably doesn't trust actors either.

*Team America references*

Having lived in Calgary for a number of years, I'd recommend the zoo for any of you who visit...it's one of the finest zoos in the world....just stay out of the kitchens...

i'd say it's a successful gorilla marketing campaign

"Gorillas"-that's what we called the UK football players who'd swagger past our house in school.
"HEY, YOU GORILLAS!" we'd yell in little tiny voices.

Wow, Steve - you had a house in school? I'm not sure whether to be sorry or amazed.

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