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March 16, 2013


Do NOT mess with them.

Key Chilling Quote: “They were more heavy-duty than the standard office scissors,” the sergeant said.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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"suspicion of mayhem" -- that's a great charge. We could use it here. A lot.

Omni, I was thinking the same thing.

The Bobbitizer

this is old. very old. (december 2011)

somebody should be fired.

Hard to know who to empathize with based on that.
She tried to cut to the core of the matter, but I've seen men who definitely deserved worse done to them.
And don't ask what could be "worse" or someone might tell you.

They don't know what the dispute was about? I'm guessing it just might possibly involve another woman.......? Just a WILD guess, mind you.....

Alcohol must have been involved. If not, she might have thought to use the hedge trimmer. Or an axe, ala Lizzie Borden.

Not that I've given it much thought.

What a dickish move.

How did it come to be exposed to danger during an argument?

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