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March 19, 2013


Teen: School Told Me I Was Going to Hell, So I Urinated on Doors

(Thanks to K. Reed)


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Did anyone else misread this as "Dracula teen"?

Tinkerbell I thought it said Dracula teen which would have explained why the school said this. I'm sure the school janitor would like to see him there since he's the one that had to clean the doors.

NOT sharing my handbasket with this kid.

Yup. Dracula teen.

Maybe the doors had one of those Chinese signs saying "Piss Through This Door to Enter"

That headline's pretty close to a haiku, so maybe he can pass English.

p.s. This is a student at "Hebron Christian School"? I really have to laugh at the people who push school vouchers so they can get their kids away from the nasty public school kids. There are nasty kids in private schools too, people, only they have cars.

Padraig, I went to two different Christian schools from 8th-12th grade, and your assessment is correct. However, there was a lot less bad behavior tolerated in the Christian schools than in the public ones. I discovered that most of the kids in the Christian schools weren't there because they wanted to be but because their parents wanted them there and thought the school would do the job of "fixing" them.

Well if he wasn't going there before he is now.

We've had Dacula stories before. It seems to be the Niceville or Flathead County of Georgia.

Christian colleges are much the same way for the guys who are sent there by their parents. On the flip side, the ratios of males to females indicate that a lot of families are thinking "Gee, if we send our daughter to a Christian college she's going to find a nice, Christian guy."

The Bad Boys always get the ladies. Not that I'm bitter still.

Minx/NMUA, I've seen the same at military schools. They get the best and the worst and not a lot in between.

Self-fulfilling profligacy.

Dear Not My Usual Alias,

Are you sure about that? Isn't it the Bad Girls always get the men?

You know what they say: Good girls go to heaven. Bad girls go to Paris, Miami, New York, Hebron Christian Academy...

School....hell....same difference.

Public school have to keep the delinquents. Private schools can kick them out.

“When I'm good, I'm very good, but when I'm bad, I'm better. ”
― Mae West

"The driver of the Mustang was issued citations for laying drags and reckless driving...."

What means "laying drags"?

"laying drags" probably means burning rubber.
Note that once upon a time, I taught beginning Hebrew to kids between 5 and 8 at a synagogue in Ohio.
The kids I remember are those I kicked out of class for inappropriate remarks about the mother in the illustrated primer we used.
Not sure about hell, but they did go straight to the head office. Same thing.

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