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March 21, 2013



(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Long ago forgotten Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom memories brought to life. Or death if your taking notes.

So ... that is Turkey Bacon?

We're gonna need more lettuce and tomato.

MMMM, Bacon the Crack of meats!

dont let's tell guy fieri.

I'm pretty sure that boar isn't Halal.

Add a duck and, BOOM! Turduckbacon...

Don't tell Paula Deen either. She'll grab a couple of sticks of butter and will be there before you can say "ya'll".

What's the minimum size to keep one? mighthave to throw this one back.

I swear that's a wooly mammoth. They're baaack.

Big deal. I met a round half-dozen wild bores of at least three sexes at a Mensa meeting once.

We're gonna need a LOT more barbeque sauce.

You could make, like, THREE of these:


Turkey bacon is disgusting stuff. Gonna need lots more biscuits.

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