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March 16, 2013


Human statue punches heckler over 'Wet Willie'

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Good for him

The idiot was practically begging for it. Glad to see the performer obliged him.

Look at the poll results at the bottom. When I checked, 10400 votes he deserved it, 147 he did not.

But...but...can't a "wet willie" be a GOOD thing? You know, sometimes?

too late to sue, "statue" of limitations

The guy deserved it.
Now, a Mime, well...
Quick vote: who, here, has not felt the urge to lock a Mime in a real box?

If that's a wet willie, then what's a dripping joey?

Austrailia...nuff said. Nothing personal IYKWIM.

At least something works correctly. I'm with the statue.

Heckler should have been arrested.

I'm sure it serves as fair warning to the pigeons as well.

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