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March 21, 2013


BURI RAM - A woman who found the body of a young kitten inside a sausage she was eating made a small shrine for it in her home and neighbours later came to worship it - after which some won money on the lottery.

(Thanks to Phil McAvity)


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The Lord works in mysterious, sometimes icky, ways.

I try not to laugh at another's religious beliefs but I'm tempted to at least titter.
'Course that may be because I like the word "titter".

OK, clearly I need to revamp my lottery ticket strategy.

How big would the sausage "roll" have to be to encase
a kitty corpse? Eewww..

I once heard that you shouldn't eat anything bigger than your heard. I think we need to amend/update that
to anything bigger than half your fist....

OK, help me with this. She finds a dead cat in a sausage, one that looks remarkably like the baby Alien. "After thinking it through," she decides to set up a shrine and worship the cat? As a bar waiter / friend of mine used to say, "Diversity, diversity."

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