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March 05, 2013


A quick-thinking worker at a Connecticut Dunkin' Donuts threw hot coffee at a man who tried to climb through the drive-through window to rob the store, telling him "go run on Dunkin'" as he fled.

It's not just coffee! It's self-defense.

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)


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Let's hope he turns up at the ER with third degree coffee burns.

...And NC waiting with her waxing kit.

Bring him on in!

Coffee can be one HECK of an effective deterrent to unwanted intruders. If applied superficially.

In other news, a Taco Hell worker threw melted cheese at a cockroach.
The bug was not deterred.

World's worst criminal decision. IT'S A DONUT SHOP. cops frequent donut shops, dummie.

The public demands action. New laws must limit the number of ounces in a coffee cup.

The story has been told of a person who tried to rob a DD, only to get caught in the revolving door. It turned out that the perp was claustrophobic. Rather than waste precious resources on calling 911, the victims decided to wait until an officer showed up.

The first officer allegedly decided to wait until he was done with his break before starting the arrest process.

Hit with coffee was getting off easy.

Dear Not My Usual Alias,

Do you have a link to the revolving door story? I searched and couldn't find one. Thanks.

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