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March 19, 2013


Scratch and sniff out drug crime: Cops will hand out cards to help people recognise smell of cannabis farms

(Thanks to DaninTustin)


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Put one of those in your luggage before flying back from Acapulco.

Great. Now I have the munchies.

Thank you, Sir. May I have another?

Can you smoke these cards? cindy wants to know.

My understanding of that the mechanics marijuana farming are similar to the flatulence mechanism in that "he who can smell it will deal it."

Oh, so now the tack they're taking is that pot leads to more dangerous CRIMES instead of just more dangerous DRUGS, huh? I guess 30+ years of the old message had to be updated at some point. It's funny how they still can't come up with any reasons why pot is so dangerous in and of itself and are still resorting to scare tactics about unrelated things.

Not that I'm defensive or anything.

There are people who don't know what pot smells like?

Yes, Alkali, and as far as my mother knows I'm one of them.

there are people under age 40 who dont know? everyone over 40 already does. really. pass the twinkies.

Layzeeboy I'll have you know I have never smoked marijuana, well maybe once but I didn't inhale Chill out dude!

Once again, a government program doomed to underachieve due to poor marketing. Now, if each card a) included a full color picture of a bud, and b) was issued in limited numbers, voila! Trading cards! Think thousands of aging stoners, flocking to conventions! eBay revenues alone would be fabulous! Just consider ...

I'm sorry, what did you say? "Hip capitalist?" Well, I never. Just forget about it, then.

I saw Cannabis Farm open for The Dead in '87.

When my kids asked what pot smelled like, I told them.

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