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March 25, 2013


Opa-locka mayor orders underwear removal

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Do what the Opa-Locka mayor doopity do.

If he's talking to Britney and Paris, no worries.

See, he picked up his local newspaper, and there was this big ad that said "Foundation Garments 75% off," and he's always believed in giving 100%, and ... Naw. After Kwame Kilpatrick, other mayors just aren't funny.

Ali Baba Avenue sounds like a, I don't know, a magical place.

"Tell the people their underwear must come down," she said. "I could say the drawers must come down."

Hey, Mr. Mayor, aren't you just rehearsing your so-called pick-up lines?

But I do agree government(s) have little incentive or
duty to help you dry your clothes. But they will take them off your hands. (Taxes).

Taylor suggested putting up a fence to prevent the building residents from using the guard rail to air their laundry.

Which the tenants will immediately begin using to dry their laundry. Duh.

I'm just glad the Opa-Lockas have their own mayor now so poor Mr. Wonka doesn't have to deal with all their shenanigans.

I checked out Ali Baba Avenue with Google Street View, and it seems that hanging underwear, tastefully displayed, of course, would be an improvement.

Opa-locka see what he's done?
He lives in Florida, that can't be fun.
You could live near Hollywood too,
All you bloggers should do as I do.

What do you get as a Manilow fan?
A world-class musician,
with a deep spray-on tan.
But I digress,
I'm in need of more sleep,
You all enjoy music
made for sheep....

Opa-locka, I'd be better off dead,
Japanese underwear on my head.
You could live on the West Coast too,
If you
Listen to
Manilow music
Like my friends do!

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