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March 10, 2013


A man who permanently inked his body with the Netflix brandname has received a year-long free subscription to the online streaming service.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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And an unfavorable ruling in the US Supreme Court in Wiley vs Kirtsaeng could potentially put Netflix out of business by limiting what they can do with the DVDs they purchase.

So he put a permanent tattoo on his body to save about a hundred dollars? How much did the tattoo cost? Moron.

Shoulda gone with "Budweiser".......

Green Day ought to pay him to advertise their "American Idiot" play. After all, words speak louder than actions, right?

I hope Kirtsaeng wins by a landslide. I have no great love for wily Wiley, and their "updated" editions that feature all the same material but with the problem sets in a different order. Not to mention their overpriced journal subscriptions.

Isn't that how Dave got his tattoo of Cheeze-Its?

If you think that it's shocking or unusual for someone to be tattooed with a logo, consider the number of people with Harley Davidson tattoos.

I thought about getting a tattoo once. I wanted a little butterfly on my ankle. Then I sobered up.

and when he looks in the mirror: XILFTEN?

in my day this would have been called selling out, or'
just crazy....

NC, I bet you are glad you sobered up!

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