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March 09, 2013


Guy shares way too much on Twitter.

ADVISORY: NSFW language, guy sharing way too much.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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I'm sure nursecindy will tell us some of the "fun" items she's had to extract from nether regions in her time. At least this guy didn't use the old "I was cleaning - nake - and I fell on it" line.

sorry - naked

Don't worry about it, Jeff.
I'm generally sorry when I get naked, too.

Unfortunately that's true, Jeff. For some reason Mag Lights, the big flashlights, are popular around here and I've had to help extract several of those when I worked in the er. We had one guy that came into the er one night and at first he wouldn't tell us what was wrong. He looked like a little old farmer type of guy and was wearing overalls. After a few minutes I asked him what was stuck. His face got red and he told me he had gone to his pick up truck earlier and when he sat down a Mag Light went up his hind end. I asked him why he was sitting in his truck naked and he told me it had gone right through his overalls. I thought that was pretty amazing considering there wasn't a hole in the seat of the overalls. We sent him to x-ray and there it was. Plus the light was on. He looked like a Glow Worm toy. We had to send him to surgery to get it out and he did fine afterwards. However, I did tell him to watch where he parked his rear end the next time.

I am so never buying a used flashlight from e-Bay again!

Local Yokel Trivia: Mag Lights are made near me (Ontario, CA). They use 100% American-made parts, except for a rubber O-ring gasket, made in China. Because of that single 8 cent component, they aren't allowed to put "Made in America" on their packaging. This has been your Local Yokel Trivia for today.

It's 'cause the sheep don't reciprocate, cindy.

*snork* at the Glow Worm image

Must not be able to see in the dark. His head was surely close-by.

Milk of magnesia and cascara, with a cup of hot coffee, would have solved this guy problem without a trip to the ER. I used to work in a mental hospital back in the 60s, when sexual perversion was considered an illness.

Of course, we would have put him in concrete room with a floor drain.

Ken, where did you pour the coffee?

Reminds me of the time I fell on a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and she want right through my overalls...

Spent a week in the E.R.

You have to have a dream...


Not that it matters.

Unless you are anal.


I hope the MD asked him "Do you want me to remove it or just change the batteries?"

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