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March 01, 2013


Why eat tongue when you can eat testes?

(Thanks to Claire Martin)

We saw the Castrating Trematodes open for Phish.


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All trematodes have a mollusk host and castrate it. I learned about this during a class on schistosomiasis.

Last week, I was taking Pete, my pet amphibian, for a little walk down the road. Suddenly a dog jumped out of the bushes and growled. I wasn't worried for myself; I can handle dogs. But Pete was pretty scared, and it wasn't obvious how he could defend himself. There were no holes or ponds to jump into; there was only a small oak.

So I had to trematode.

Well, when you put it that way...I'm gonna stop eating tongue.

One of my friends is married to a castrating trematode.

The Gulf of St. Lawrence Whelk.

I didn't know he was a saint. I thought he was a band leader with a funny accent. And I certainly did not need any information about his penis.

SNORK!!!! Just some guy!

I've had a crappy day and you made me laugh!

I live to serve badly, MikeyVA. Tomorrow will be better.

Snork @ JSG. I've been feeling rather pope-less today. Thanks for the laugh.

I had a teste for a tongue sandwich.

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