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March 05, 2013


12:37 p.m. Two large brothers in overalls and winter caps reportedly caused a scene in front of a Kalispell business.

(Thanks to Joseph McConnell)

Update from nursecindy: It's worse than we thought: 7:17 a.m. It was reported that people on West Reserve Drive were driving at least 15 mph under the speed limit.





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Having actually been in Kalispell, I can attest that "15 mph under the limit" translates to "60 mph less than usual."

p.s. "2:37 p.m. An “intoxicated or stoned” man with curly hair was seen at local bowling alley."

My cousin Bert's hair is actually wavy, not curly. Shoddy reporting.

I'm not sure what a "threatening test message" is, but it's Flathead, so.....

Wolfs -- so you don't use Microsoft products? All their test messages are threatening.

I want to hear more about the bus covered in paper plates.
And why do so many people think "Busses" is the plural of "Bus"?
And, so long as I'm on the subject, why do so many people have license plate holders proclaiming the driver an "Alumni"? Does the driver come with an alternate personality?
OK. End transmission.

What is the plural of bus, Steve? Bussi? How sad is it that reading the Flathead Beacon is on my list of 'must do' things?

I saw Lurking Ex open for Two Large Brothers in Overalls back in '83 in Little Rock.

Now the whole site has been shut down by impolite comments. Are you guys proud of yourselves?

9:16 a.m. Someone reported that a man they know of was out driving while intoxicated. However, they refused to give any pertinent information regarding who the man is and where he could be found.

What, Twenty Questions?

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