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March 01, 2013


A woman on a Beijing subway with a fake pregnancy stomach, to enhance chances of getting a seat, complained to its maker after it fell off, officials said.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Officials in Beijing have enough to do with complaints from Walmat customers.

Wish I could take off MY stomach. (Sob).

The "quality of its manufacturing" ... ???

Betcha if it'd been "Made in U.S.A." this wouldn't've happened ...

Oh, wait ... nevermind ...

and we thought only Americaans did this stupid stuff. nice to know the chinese have caught up.

Moxie, she has.

The most shameless complaint in history? So soon we forget the cultural revolution, eh?

As someone who has a busted sense of balance and yet still makes every effort the fight the nausea in order to give my subway or bus seat to those even worse off than I, I say it was karma.

queensbee? The ketchup is two threads to the right.

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