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March 12, 2013


Saudi Arabia may stop beheadings over shortage of swordsmen

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins and Matt Filar)


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They should hire a headhunter

They left off homosexuality from that list of capital offenses.

And driving while female.

You forgot being a woman who is not covered head to toe in a shroud, or a woman without a male escort, or a woman in general.

Being found guilty of witchcraft can get your noggin' lopped off too. Lived in that neck-of-the-woods for a while. Can think of a few things I'd change.

I had two Saudi students assigned to work with me one summer.
My being a godless heathen did cause some issues for these two good men (and they were good an honorable in our dealings).
Finally they told me that, in essence, their religion told them to kill me but they'd decided against it because people would talk.
In the fall, we parted as friends.

So many people out of work, and they can't find qualified headsmen? Has this become a Job Saudis Won't Do? Is this perhaps an opportunity to further international relations -- we can train Peace Corps volunteers to whack off heads and send them over!

Kids with those #$%$# video games is the problem. They should be out swording.

I'd take the job if I could practice on the royal family. All of them.

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