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March 11, 2013


A soccer match is invaded by a marten.


(Thanks to Ralph)


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They chase me. I bite them. They tasty.

I think the first player should get a yellow card for tackling from behind. If the keeper was in the box, then pretty much anything up to and including firearm use is allowed.

Golf just needs to expand the gator hazard.

Weasal Short cut.

[David Attenborough voice] "And here we see the football player, in his native habitat, showing the traditional football player's response to a physical challenge. Note the supine position, the legs bent and feet in the air, and the expression of shock and near-death pain on the face."

There's only one answer: let the soccer players carry handguns.

Issue every player a wolverine right before the game, and smear the ball with blood. Let the games begin. Ave, Imperator! Morituri te salutant!

I like the Attenborough image MJ. Hilarious.

All around the football pitch
The goalie chased the weasel.
The goalie thought he had him caught,
Snap, goes the weasel.

The players could have tackled the ref for restarting the game, but chose the lesser of two weasels instead.

FYI, here's David Attenborough at his finest.

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