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March 13, 2013


Babies have a mean streak, want their enemies harmed: study

(Thanks to The Perts)


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And why they all talk like Seth MacFarland.

I knew it. Why else would something that cute hide a WMD in their Pampers?

This study is a waste of time and money.

What they should study is why they like Sesame Street

and which characters they identify with. Because SS

teaches how o make an inside out peanut butter

sandwich, how to be annoying, etc ad infintum.

I survived our three kids, at least so far. I'm in that mode of waiting for grandchildren for whom I can provide non-lethal weapons like fireman hats, drum sets and Legos.

Why does this story make me think of squirrels?

Doesn't surprise me a bit. They understandably and naturally think the world revolves around them, which their little piece of it does.

Of course babies have a mean streak. You don't really think they're hungry at 3 a.m. do you?

You can prove anything with puppets.... especially sock puppets.

Why did they use a picture of North Korean babies for the article? Someone needs to do a study about that.

Good one, Cindy. And of course N.Korean kids are mean, starting with the one who is in charge. Finally, is the journal Psychology Science an oxymoron?

A preference for green beans over Graham Crackers should be a capital offense.

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