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March 18, 2013


Scientists Resurrect Bonkers Extinct Frog That Gives Birth Through Its Mouth


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This is so cool. First frogs, then dodos, then mammoths, and then Jurassic Park. Though, we might want to keep a safe distance from Australia for the time being.

At least it doesn't eat through its ass.

Bonkers. Yes.

Frog offspring listened to Mrs. Frog complaining at every turn about everything she had to go through to give them life. They then made the perfectly logical decision to go extinct. Why should we meddle with that ?

So these frogs croaked already?

So little Jane comes home from school and tells her mom she knows where babies come from.

"Oh, really? Where, dear?"

"Well, the mommy kisses the daddy's thingy and some stuff comes out and she swallows it and it goes in her tummy and grows a baby!"

"No dear; that's not where babies come from. That's where JEWELRY comes from . . ."

Bonkers was the frog replaced by Kermit.

That's Bonker's Extinct Frog, Litoria barking, named for Alfred Bonker, the Sidney, Australia, fishmonger and self-taught herpetologist. He is famous for scores of publications, mostly in the popular press, striving to prove that man evolved directly from salamanders, and for his 1100-plus page magnum opus, "The Slimy Little Beasties of the Earth," which documented a vast, new classification of reptiles and amphibians; is now widely considered to be utterly wrong; and is used widely in universities all over the world that are short of toilet paper.

Nice, omni.

Major *snork* @ Omni, esp "Litoria barking". Tres scientific!

Is this how the Kardashian spawn will be born?

I am interested and also considering what you are talking about right here.

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