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March 13, 2013


Contents Of Team Bus Toilet Dumped Outside Athleague GAA Grounds

This has been the Sports News from Ireland.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)



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A famous scene from the facilities at Woodstock comes to mind.

How appropriate that it happened at a hurling club.


The Dave Matthews Band is touring Ireland?

This is actually perty mild, as Irish athletics go ...

(Yeah, I hadda say it ... too temptin' to resist ...)

Elf beat me to the Chicago boat tour incident.

Once Lent is over, I have some planning to do.

People have been dumping on we Irish for generations!

(I guess they just know superiority when we arrive?)

As Monty Python once said: Medical science for the lot of you! (or ewes, he said, sheepishly)

Poop spill from an Irish hurling team? There ain't enough hazmat units in the WORLD...

p.s. If you're unfamiliar with the sport of Irish hurling, basically it is what happens when you allow rugby players to carry weapons.

This may sound barbaric, and it is meant to, but the Blogettes will make allowances when they find that the burly male players often wear kilts.

p.p.s. If you've ever seen Laurel & Hardy's version of "Babes in Toyland," Stanley does a thing where he uses a club to hit a wooden ball on the ground so the ball bounces up in the air, whence he whacks it with deadly accuracy. That's a hurling thing.

For some reason I'm seeing a chorus line of turds dressed as Leprechauns dancing a jig to the tune of "The Irish Washerwoman".

It's early here on the Northleft Coast. Obviously I need more coffee. And possibly an exam by a mental health professional.

I saw a similar story about the tour bus of he road company of Riverdance on that old tv classic,
California Highway Patrol. And Matthews made the
underling clean the highway...

Wolfy, you just need to lay off the South Park Holiday Specials DVD.

UH, Pad? I don't watch South Park. I know, scary.

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