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March 13, 2013


Knife In Walmart Cake

(Thanks to Bill)


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Hopefully forensic links this knife to Bobby Darin and ends all the speculation.

Elmo really has gone down hill.

The sequel to Polanski's classic Knife in the Water.

Chuck. E. Cheese should provide knives in all their cakes.

God's way of telling you you're too fat.

Ok, so there was a knife in the cake. So don't serve the knife to the two year old. Why does that mean everyone has to storm home in anger?

Any excuse to leave a two-year-old's birthday party will suffice.

I went to a baseball coaching clinic where the presenter said something to the effect that he needed at least five questions and a chance to tell at least three stories at the end for him to avoid going to a two-year-old's birthday party. We obliged him.

Was that a cake or did a giraffe take a dump on a plate?

Obviously a mix-up in the order department. It was meant for the jail.

Obviously the cake shop made a mistake: two identical cakes, one was supposed to go to the state prison, the other to the little boy.

Did Walmart want their knife back, or was it offered for purchase at a discount?

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