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March 14, 2013


Air horn office chair prank

(Thanks to nursecindy)


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Dave, keep a close eye on Judi's movements.

Or, wait....it'd probably be the other way around.

I did this in a remote radio booth -- purely by accident.

The pastor was confused, because it was still 15 minutes before the service was supposed to end.

This frequently causes people to make air freshener.

This has been around for years, and it is indeed a good way to get your butt beaten up and fired.

Judi, if Dave should try this on you I didn't mean it when I said you would get a kick out of it. Really.

I prefer one of these: The Annoyotron

I've got one of these tucked away in my office. Trust me, they really do work!


Can you say "justifiable homicide?" I knew you could.

No Nobel Prize alert???

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