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March 01, 2013


Suspect ‘butt dials’ 911 during drug deal near police station

(Thanks to Roger Hall)


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the officer spoke loudly and the dispatcher confirmed she could hear him.

"Do you feel lucky? We'll do ya. . . punk!"

He must have felt like an ass.

Impressive. My butt is not that prehensile. I'll work on it, though.

"Butt officer ... I don't have a ... Oh, THAT cell phone ... um ... Butt I wuzn't even there! Besides, I only drove the car!"

Why do we suppose they call it "dope" ... ?

I swear to God, that isn't MY cell phone. Somebody musta put it there! Yeah, this guy ran up to the car and ...

Mensa is saving two seats for this pair.

suspect butt dials lawyer on his way in to the tank...

new reality show: america's most talented asses

Talk about a smartass....

The accidental butt-dial sent the perp to jail. The ACLU will therefore be filing a lawsuit against AT&T.

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