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March 11, 2013


As for the "trashiest" designation from CoEd Magazine, Key West slipped from the second spot in 2012 to No. 9 this year -- good news, when you think about it. CoEd's ranking criteria considers the presence of one or more Hooters restaurants; how many strip clubs, tattoo parlors and liquor stores there are; whether the city hosts an annual motorcycle week; and whether film crews from "Girls Gone Wild" produce footage there.Las Vegas kept its top spot for the second year in a row. Florida is well represented on the list as Daytona Beach, Orlando, Miami, Panama City Beach, Fort Myers and Tampa all made the top 15.

(Thanks to funny man)


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What happens in Vegas...travels to FLorida for spring break?

Based on those criteria, my home town is a sure winner. Bonus points: The girls gone wild guy is in jail here.

Thanks to you and the Vegas gang for making the New York-New Jersey area look palatable by comparison.

I think the list is incomplete. Naperville (IL) should be in the top ten.

I'd think that it would be fair and reasonable for Florida to declare itself The Trashiest State...just look at the shape of the state, (it's outline)it's already the 'hanging member' of the U.S.) Yes, i said it, florida looks like a flaccid penis

Akali, hopefully he stays there. That dude is seriously creepy.

As of this AM, Michigan is somewhat less trashy.


Bonus points: The girls gone wild guy is in jail here.

Joe Francis is in jail, again? I haven't heard. Is it because of the million-dollar Vegas gambling debt he refuses to pay? Or is it another tax evasion charge?

Our condo is an hour north of Daytona but management still refers to Spring Break as "Hell Week".
(What you've always heard about boat owners also applies to condo owners: their two best days are the day they buy a condo and the day they sell it.)

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