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March 05, 2013


The Church of the Giant Chicken Head.


Guess the state.

(Thanks to Ralph and DaninTustin)


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Give us this day our daily hot wings, and deliver us some crazy bread, too. What, it's not a fast-food place? As bad as the Big Chicken in Marietta.

"...unsatisfactorily inauthentic as chicken nuggets made in the shape of dinosaurs"


Did the church cross the road?

(Come on folks... I'm giving a free straight line)

NMUA, to get to the sinners on the other side? I got nothing.

The main entrance of the local community college here in my home town has a structure that is decorated with the college's logo, which is circular in shape. At night, when it's lit up, the structure looks like a giant voodoo monkey head. It's creepy.

The church is not in Tampa as the paper reports, but Madeira Beach. Funnily enough, the night picture at their website looks even more like a chicken.

The lighted cross is a nice touch.

I'm going to Tampa next week (from norther IN). If the sink holes don't get me I'll go visit the church.

I think it fits right in with its surroundings.

that is way too funny. baaauuuuuk!

And the communion wafers taste like ... ?

I'm going to hell anyway:
The Jesus on the cross looks like he's readying the discus for a good throw.

(on the website's night picture)

There is also the big chicken in Marietta Ga.

This is how the Pope would look in Angry Birds

The First Baptist Church in Columbia Missouri (Where I attended Medical School at The University of Missouri) has always been known as the "Donald Duck Church:


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