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March 12, 2013


Cooling Underwear for Conceiving Men

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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I have been known to take cups that are left out by my sons, place them in a plastic bag and put them in the freezer. I haven't resorted to adding water to create a frozen masterpiece yet.

Uh, Mr. Science person, Men don't conceive...But I digress.

So a subset of the population has trouble conceiving of men if their shorts are too hot?

Perhaps Judi might want to weigh in on this topic.

"Hey, if you really want your balls frozen, come and

shovel 2-5 feet of snow in howling winds with us!

We are now booking Blizzard 2014-1, 2014-2, 2014-3,

etc in your choice of Maine, Minnesota, or Washington

State. Or you newbies can book Blizard-lites in


--hypothetical radio ad for Travel agency.

Does this mean if you have cooled or frozen sperm you will conceive snowmen?

The caption "The Package" was on my screen before the picture loaded. I was afraid to look.

I love 'Kickstart', but a 'SnowWedge' just cracks me up.

Worth funding just for the name!

Wouldn't a bag of ice be a lot cheaper?

Too late! I froze mine off in the winter of 19ought72 while ice fishing with my BIL.
Fun fact! Did you know that while ice fishing you can actually catch fish?
I thought with the name and all, "ice fishing" that you caught ice. But 'bout halfway through the second pint, why something hit that shanty. It was a gust that made my timbers shiver but it was the next gust that sent us whaling across that lake!
Why, I remember...


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